An enriched whole grain brown rice beverage and a wholesome choice for getting the nutrients that are a part of a healthy lifestyle. raises the bar when it comes to rice beverages. How? By not milling or polishing the rice grains, all the vitamins and minerals are retained, providing whole grain nutrition.

A source of iron and vitamin B12, which helps with red blood cell formation, also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D – nutrients important for strong bones and teeth. Naturally low in fat, has a delicious refreshing taste with just a hint of pure sweetness. is great on its own, over cereal, and in most recipes that call for milk; it makes a frothy latte, too. Hot or cold, enjoy the goodness of!

Why? is dairy, lactose and gluten-free, contains 1 full serving (16 g) of whole grains in every cup (250 mL), is an excellent source of calcium, contains no added sugar, fat or added oils, is enriched with vitamins A, D, B2 and B12, is cholesterol-free and low in sodium.